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  • 10 Best Books I Read in 2016

    2016 afforded me a tiny bit more time for reading. This year I've completed 26 books. These are 10 of the 26 that left me thinking afterwards... In no particular order.

    -7 Women by Eric Metaxas: I've read other books of Metaxas and I am always so impressed by his research and observations. This book highlighted 7 women in history who he believes were some of the most influential. It was inspiring and thought provoking.

    -To The Golden Shore by Courtney Anderson: This biography blew me away. I wrote an entire blog post about it. I love reading about the true inspiring lives of others and this book challenged my faith and my comfort in 100 ways!

    -The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo: This whimsical children's story got my heart all in mood for having children of my own to read it to, so they could enter into the magic and love captured in this story. 

    -With by Skye Jethani: Where do I begin?! This book has had me thinking since I finished it back in April. Do I walk WITH my Savior or am I usually posturing to earn, deserve, or even put God in my debt? It questions motives at the deepest level.

    -Contentment by Richard Swenson: This book was nothing revolutionary so to speak, but it was wonderful to read as it's a consistent cry of my heart. It's also a necessary reminder in the journey. I long to live a life of contentment, pleased with what I have and seeking simplicity. 

    -The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett: Take this one with a grain of salt. It mostly makes the list only because as different scenarios come up, I am morphed back into the world created for me in this book. It was long and at times tedious. Sometimes the intensity of the storyline forced me to put the book down for a week at a time before I had the courage to pick it up again. But it was masterful story telling.

    -Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist: I'm not a "read everything she's written" kind of reader of Niequists, but this book hit me at exactly the right time. I could relate to her stories and struggles and appreciated her humor and yearning for connection amidst hard situations. 

    -Wind Sprints by Joseph Epstein: This book is a book of short essays he had published elsewhere. I loved how easy it was to pick up and read and essay or two and I'd be laughing out loud with his cleverness. He has a wonderful way with words. Sometimes completely random and sometimes completely heartfelt. I loved reading his view of the world.

    -The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber: I'll lead with how I didn't enjoy the way the book ended. But I enjoyed everything else. This work of science fiction was beautiful and heartwrenching. I found myself challenged in how I talk about my faith because of this story. 

    -The Blessing of Humility by Jerry Bridges: He created a picture of humility that you can sink your teeth into as he talked through the Beatitudes. His own vulnerability and humility was a welcome gift of insight into what it looks like to live a life of humility.

    These are my top 10! What did you read in 2016? I love getting your suggestions because I am about to embark on 365 days in 2017 that I'd love to fill with good reading!