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  • 7 Best Books from 2014

    I pride myself in the amount that I read. I love reading, I love being the person people ask book recommendations from, I love reading books others recommend, and this year I've felt like a bit of a failure. My year was a whirlwind and reading was the primary thing I had to let go of a bit, so I only read about 1/3rd as much as I usually do. 

    All this said, there were a few favorites I had from my year. Not as many as usual, but these are ones I believe are worth the time.

    I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak [He also wrote The Book Thief]. He finds himself on an adventure of righting wrongs. He is a teenage adult who begins to find purpose. I loved the concept and was drawn into the story.

    Almost Amish. I had a love/hate relationship with the book. When I could get over the "ought to" language, I could really enjoy her simplistic living and the tips she gave for releasing our attachments to convenience and things. It's sort of a beginners guide to simplistic living for people who may not have considered it before.

    Girl With A Pearl Earing. I'm ashamed I haven't read it before, as much as I have heard about it, but it was worth the wait. It's a combination of protecting and risking and the story is beautifully written. By the end I'd fallen in love with the hard, independent, needless main character.

    The Christian Mind. I was skeptical for the first few chapters. It seemed heady and difficult to get my mind around. But by chapter 4 I was excited to keep reading and learning about how the transformation of the Spirit also transforms how I think about a myriad of topics. 

    Wonder. Hands down this was my favorite book from 2014. It quickly has made it's way among my favorites and I'm having my neices and nephews read it. It's a beautiful story explaining the perspective of someone with differences and the perspectives of those around him. I LOVED every page.

    The Giver. I'd read it before but began it all over again when a friend told me it's the first of 4 books. I didn't realize. Now I'm finishing book 4 and have an even greater love of the original. 

    The Cure. I'm nearly finished with this book, so I'm jumping the gun a little, but it's been transformational. It's caused me to slow down and think about how I view God and myself. It's teaching me to have grace for others and for myself.