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  • Yes or No by Jeff Shinabarger

    I've had the privilege of working with Jeff Shinabarger for the last 5 years. Two projects we've worked hard on during that time are the writing and release of his two books, More or Less and Yes or No

    Yes or No released on Labor Day.

    When thinking about making decisions that will change the trajectory of life, it’s easy to throw in a bunch of heady analytical practices, formulas to follow, or content that tries to tell people what they SHOULD do.

    What is more difficult is creating an understanding of WHY we make the decisions we do, and letting our loves shape our decisions. This book is not a bunch of how-to’s, instead it asks the hard questions about our loves, our fears, and our dreams. 

    Making good decisions is less about following a formula, and more about determining who we want to be, and the story we want to tell with our lives. Once I know what I love the most, I’ll know what to prioritize. It’s a simple concept, but not an easy path to follow. Yes or No has challenged me to live more intentionally by taking a second to answer if saying yes to something truly matches what I want my life to look like.

    There are 7 decision-making styles outlined in the book along with an assessment to determine how we make decisions that I found incredibly helpful in working with others. I may best come to my conclusions through making a list but a friend might want to talk it through with several trusted confidants. Tell me how you came out on the quiz! I would love to know!

    The book has become a trusted resource for me, in reminding me what I love the most and that I want my decisions to reflect my values.