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  • Everything I know about 15 minutes

    I find myself with little 15-20 minute increments of time. I give myself a little longer than I used to in order to get out the door on time, but it usually means either right before or right after I've gotten myself and my Little One all ready to go, I have a little time to spare.

    I wish I could be pious and say that I've mastered using those 15 minutes, but honestly just today I found myself with 3 of these chunks of time and I began to feel this nagging sense that I ought to make something of the time. It wasn't guilt as much as the feeling that I'm not being a good steward of my main resource right now, which just so happens to be these little pockets of time.

    Most often I whip out my phone and check out what you all might be doing on Facebook or Instagram today. Or I loiter in my own home, wandering from room to room making a mental checklist of what I COULD be doing "when I have the time."

    -I could pick up my bedroom [how do I always have a pile of something somewhere?]
    -I could load/unload the dishwasher. 
    -I could go through Marylane's clothes AGAIN, because who KNEW a little baby could grow out of and into so many darling clothes so freaking fast?!
    -I could clean off the dining room table or the kitchen counter, because heaven KNOWS how long those piles have been sitting there.
    -I could read a few pages in the latest book I've picked up.
    -I could spend time with God.
    -I could play the piano.
    -I could "Miracle-Gro" my wilting plants.
    -I could decide what to make for dinner.
    -I could write a note to someone.

    I could do any number of things that would keep me from doing nothing at all with my time, but I mostly choose to waste the precious resource I have. Let me tell you, it's easy for me to justify doing nothing with that time: I'm tired, I just want a little break, it's only a few minutes anyway...

    But I don't want to get used to wasting little bits of time, because before I know it, I'll be wasting big bits of time. For me, it comes down to being faithful with little and perhaps later on having the privilege and opportunity to be faithful with much.

    What resource do you most have at your disposal? How do you choose to spend it?