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  • Preparing to Go

    2 Kings 2:1-6

    Elisha and Elijah have been spending a bunch of time with each other. They’ve been walking with God together and God is answering another of Elijah’s prayers. Except, He is about to answer it in the most unexpected way possible. Just like that, we’ve come to the end of Elijah’s time on earth. Not the end of his impact, however as we’ll continue to see.

    Elijah knows that today is the day. He’s ready to be taken up with God. He is ready to be finished with the work God has for him.  He wants to spare Elisha the heartache of leaving. I think he also wanted to go alone to be with God. The way Scripture writes it, it sounds a though Elijah knows he’s going to be taken to God.

    Elijah asks Elisha to stay put. He knows God is sending him to Bethel from where they are at Gilgal, and is wondering if that is where God will take him. Elisha insists on coming with Elijah. He’s not going to miss this for anything!

    It seems that news is getting around. There are other prophets in Bethel, and they came to Elisha and asked if he knew that God was going to take Elijah that day. Elisha asks them to pipe down. YES, he knows. It’s as though he doesn’t want to spoil it with a lot of idle talk. He wants to experience it with Elijah.

    I appreciate about Elijah’s story that God has a few things to finish with him even the very day He brings him home. We’re not finished with God’s work until God is finished with us.

    From Bethel God sends Elijah to Jericho. The story plays out the same for Elisha. He has yet another reminder from the sons of the prophets there that Elijah will be taken to God. He lets them know that he’s aware. And he asks them to be still. He doesn’t need gossip as a distraction. He’s focused on the work God is doing through Elijah in all these travels. We don’t know exactly why God is taking Elijah all these places. Scripture doesn’t say what he’s doing, who he’s meeting with, what the purpose is. But it’s another beautiful picture of the obedience of this prophet of God. God is taking him on a journey and he is following where God is leading.

    God speaks to Elijah again. This time He asks him to go to the Jordan. Elijah once more tells Elisha to stay put. And once more Elisha refuses. The Jordan has been a symbol of promise and redemption since Genesis. This would not have been lost on the prophets. They know God is about to do something miraculous in this place. Here are a few other Biblical characters God met at the Jordan. Lot and Abram scoping out Canaan, Jacob and Esau, Moses, Saul and David, and later, John the Baptist.

    Elijah is about to meet God in a place where Fathers of the faith before and after him also met with God.

    To get to this point, Elijah and Elisha have journeyed about 25 miles to finally arrive at the Jordan. And they’ve assembled quite the crowd of 50 prophets. They know God is going to show up and they want to see their Savior.

    Next week we'll look at Elijah's miraculous meeting with God. But I'm wondering, do you feel like God’s taking you a wandering meandering journey to get you where He wants you?

    How are you about following?

    Do you sense anticipation for what God is going to do next through you?

    How can you deepen your resolve to follow God’s leading with great anticipation?