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  • An Advocate For Everyone Else

    John 1:29-42

    Take a second to read the text for this week. Last week we looked at John's statement of truth, Lamb of God! John has this beautiful moment of exclamation and wonder, and two of his disciples leave him to follow Jesus. His belief was such that right then and there, two of his disciples believed in Jesus and followed him. Do you know who one of those disciples was? Andrew, Peter’s brother.

    Can you take this in with me for a second? Andrew believed a long time ago. John’s preparing the way for Jesus, telling all the prophecies the prophet’s screamed about for years. All the while Andrew is right there ready to welcome the Messiah. He is prepared and waiting. Andrew is among the first to believe.

    John whispers “Behold, the Lamb of God” in Andrew’s ear shot and Andrew becomes one of Jesus’ first dedicated Twelve. He runs to his brother Peter, and says, “We have found the Messiah.” John’s proclamation of the Messiah results nearly instantaneously in two disciples of Jesus. Peter becomes one of the most loved and scrutinized disciples of Jesus and it’s his brother Andrew, who we know next to nothing about, who tells him in the first place.

    Andrew seems barely an afterthought when the 12 are mentioned. He’s never the one right next to Jesus. I’m shocked by the progression of Andrew’s story.  He’s the quiet back-seat kind of guy to his loud-mouth brother, Peter. Peter gets all the attention while Andrew was the first to believe. Andrew’s only quoted a couple times in Scripture, and it’s about seemingly logistical stuff, both times. He’s telling Jesus at the feeding of the 5000 that there’s a kid with bread and fish [John 6] and then he’s given a message that Philip wants to see him [John 12].

    On closer look though, both times he’s an advocate, a voice for someone who is seemingly insignificant. Then, at Andrews notice, they break into the story of Jesus in beautiful ways. This happens 3 times.

    1. Andrew tells Peter about Jesus.

    2. Andrew makes this kid with bread and fish the beginning of a massive miracle [RIGHT after John the Baptist, his first leader is beheaded] and then…

    3. Philip comes to Andrew and says that Greeks want to follow Jesus. Do you understand? GREEKS. Jesus has yet to open the gate for anyone but Jews [at least in the Jews’ mind] and Andrew becomes the first advocate for them.

    He knows what it is like to NOT be the guy in the limelight and understands that Jesus is FOR those people.

    John saw Jesus as the Lamb of God! And Andrew saw Jesus as Advocate and reflected this characteristic of God is a beautifully humble way.

    I promise we’re going to get back to John [his death, actually]. I just got a little sidetracked on this Andrew nugget.

    Have you had anyone advocate for you?

    Have you had the opportunity to advocate for anyone else?

    How have these experiences influenced you?

    How does Andrew’s story inspire you?